Horsepower Wars in Germany

March 1, 2011 by Mirko Reinhardt

glassGreenies, bring out the (green) pitchforks: The average new car horsepower rating in Germany was the highest in history, for January. Expect the average speed on the Autobahn to rise considerably, because the average German-market car sold in January has… one hundred and thirty three point six horsepower. That’s right, 133.6-hp.

Digging deeper into the numbers and becomes apparent what’s responsible for the rise in average horsepower: Diesels are selling better than ever in recent history and now have a 48% share of the new car market. Germans typically like their diesels a bit more powerful than their gasoline powered engines. The average new diesel makes 150.5-hp, the average new gas engine only makes 118.5-hp.

Also very interesting: SUVs are on a roll, a whopping 14.6% of the new car market now being of the high-riging kind. 70% of the SUVs had a diesel under the hood.

For a little historical perspective: In 1995, the average new car horsepower in Germany was 95.1 hp.

(Source: Auto Motor und Sport)